Monday, January 2, 2012

Our service Project 2011

Terry and I were driving home one day from Ikea. We had a lunch bag with a couple of their hot dogs and a bag of chips. We passed by a group of men doing road work. They looked cold and some looked tired. I said "we should stop and give them this bag of food, it would be so easy". Well, that sparked an idea! We went to the kids and asked for their ideas about doing a sack lunch for the road workers not far from our house. They loved it and soon decided that we should buy hot dogs and chips from Ikea and a case of water from Costco and take lunch to 20 workers the week before Christmas! So, we loaded up the kids and went to Ikea! They were very supportive and had 40 hot dogs ready for us in about 15minutes. We stopped by a gas station and asked for ketchup and mustard packets, they through in relish too!  We were so excited! We got to the road that has had construction going on for a couple of years now and started scouting out workers to give these fabulous lunches too! At first we had a hard time finding anyone, then we found a few scattered here and there! The kids took turns with Terry and I taking them the bags. The men were very grateful and my kids had a wonderful experience! I really love my kids for even being willing!

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