Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Hair Cut

Matthew is 19months old. He is our little red head, big fat red curls! Well I was brushing his hair the other day and realized I could easily pull it back into a pony tail! Time for a hair cut! I was really thinking a little trim. I got the clippers out to cut Tanners hair and decided to go ahead and trim Matthews too. I put the biggest guard on the clippers (just want a little trim). As soon as I turned the clippers on he was having nothing to do with it! Terry came over and put him in his lap and I proceeded to cut his hair. That was soo hard! He was crying and moving all over, I'm amazed that it even looked decent! After washing it he came out of the bathroom with his hair so chopped you can't even tell he had curls at all! I was sooo sad. He looks so grown up, but all I can think is that it WILL grow back!

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