Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas was really nice this year! I like that it fell on a Sunday. We were able to go to church and focus more on the Savior, and what Christmas really is. Our kids were great too. They got up in the morning about 8am to see what Santa had brought. Then we got ready for 11 o'clock church. We had a very spirit filled sacrament meeting, and then headed home. When we got home I made a yummy french toast brunch that was enjoyed with surprising patience! Then finally they were able to open presents! What wonderful kids to be able to wait until almost 4pm on Christmas day to open presents! Have I said how great I think my kids are? Erin was our Elf this year, she was in charge of handing out the presents. We had a lot of fun watching everyone open the gifts we gave. Erin's teacher at school has the kids earn "money" throughout the year so that they can shop the elf workshop at Christmas and buy gifts for their family. Erin was very excited to be able to give each person in the family a gift just from her! Tanner was able to do the same now that he has a job, and his own money. I took the others shopping for their siblings. Each of them really enjoyed the feeling of giving this year!

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