Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

Joseph is obsessed with Star Wars, He got two light sabers because he had to have one to share!
Thanks Gammy Gibson For the Piggy bank with money and the cool Dinosaur outfit!
Thanks Grammy and Pepaw for the Cars! And Thanks Aunt Tiffani and Uncle Ed for the cars and the lizards and the coloring books. We love Kung Fu Panda.
He also got some army guy action figures and a really cool Batman!

And to top the day off right Joseph went to the potty for the first time tonight!!!Way to go Joseph!!!


Pumpkin Carving, a family tradition!


Erin turned 7 years old!


Kayla loves to have her hair straightened! It has gotten soo long!
And last but not least Joseph broke his foot! He discovered how to climb out of his crib, but he doesn't just climb out, he jumps! He jumped out and landed on his wooden train track and broke the bone right behind his middle toe. I have a feeling this will not be the last cast we see on this kid!


With the weather getting a little milder, we spent a few hours after dinner at the Brookmont park.


Tanner made Kayla a Birthday cake this year. While the girls and I spent the day at Six Flags for Kayla's Birthday, Tanner was at home making her cake all by himself.
July was a fun month. This is a picture of Joseph having an allergic reaction to something. We had no clue what it was. He woke up from his nap with his eyes swollen shut. Poor Baby!
Terry and I celebrated our 11th Wedding anniversary on the 19th of July.
This is a family that we have in the Ward that we are friends with. They came and spent the Fourth of July with us. We played games, had a cookout, let the kids shoot off fireworks, roasted marshmallows and just had a really good time.

Saying goodbye...

Well, after being on the House hunt it has really made me a little sentimental over the house we built out here in Georgia,

We will hate to say goodbye, we are leaving it in good hands. I think that the whole neighborhood will make sure that the new owners are up to par, since it is a neighbor that is selling it for us!

We are officially moving

Well, we finally have some definite details on the moving. Terry has been offered a job with Tahitian Noni at the corporate office. Same company he has been with but since they dissolved his job, he has been offered another job. We have accepted and are getting ready to pack up our family and bags and head back. The timeline that we have right now is… October 10th thru the 14th, I will be flying up to secure a home for us in Utah County. We will have movers come and pack us up and load up a truck on the 6th and 7th of November and then for some crazy fun we have decided to DRIVE up to Utah!!! I know you are all laughing!!! But we thought that this might be a good time to visit with Grandparents and aunts and uncles, since we will not be seeing most of them for the holidays. So we will load the van and drive out the 8th of November we are going to make a few stops on the way 1st Dallas for the grandparents and the kids aunts and uncles, 2nd McAllister OK to visit aunt Tiffani and uncle Ed, 3rd Albuquerque New Mexico to visit with the Rohm's then we will stop once more before we finish our trip and hopefully get to Utah by the 15th to meet the truck with all of our stuff! Doesn't that sound great! I am really so excited for this, I am ready to get back to Utah, I will really miss some people here, but know that we will be able to keep in touch and talk often!


We just got some news that I have not figured out if it is good or bad! The company that Terry works for is going to be doing a little adjusting; they will be closing the Atlanta (Southeast) Regional office by the end of this year. The reason this could potentially be good news is that they will be taking a few of their managers back to Utah to run the areas out if that office. This could mean relocation for us or the loss of a job for Terry. I am of course really hoping for the relocation for two reasons. 1. Because I love Utah and have missed it terribly for the past 4 years. 2. It also would mean that he still has a job in this horrible economy. We are just waiting now for the word or offer of what comes next! I really hate this waiting game! Terry asked me the other night if I would want to know the answer now even if it was the bad answer. I am really not sure; I guess I have never been much for the unknown! I know that last year sometime I told Terry that I felt like there was going to be a change for us soon! I have really been feeling the pull to go back to Utah for a while now. I t got a little stronger going out to visit. But after coming home this last time I REALLY missed it out there. I am torn a little in my knowledge that we should turn to the lord in all things. I have always had a testimony in prayer. I know that heavenly Father hears and answers them. So When I go now to say my prayers and ask the lord about this situation, I wonder if I am asking him to give me what I want or to do what is best for us, I am of course pretty sure they are one in the same, but what if they aren't? Do we just keep asking and keep that line of communication open and have hope for the best? Well, if you are reading this then you are friends of ours and so I ask that all of you keep our family in your prayers and in your hearts that this will work out (and that we can move back to Utah!!)!! Love you guys!

School has started...

Well the kids are back in school!!! We start like 2 to 3 weeks before anyone else in the world, I think! But, I guess that it is OK, I think they were getting bored. I have a lot of goals that I have set for myself for this school year. (these are NOT in order of priority!)
1. To get my house in order
2. To keep up with the laundry!
3. To get back to the Gym!
4. To start my weight loss seriously again.
5. To try harder to not be stressed over things that I have no control over. (big one)
6. To of course be more patient with my kids!
7. To keep the wonderful romance that I have with my best friend and husband growing strong!
8. To keep in touch better with my closest friends.
9. To be the "Band Mom" for Tanners first year in marching band!
I think that I have a lot more goals for myself too, But I really haven't sat down and thought of the others all the way. I will need my cheerleaders so everyone that reads this needs to keep me going on these things-Got it!!!
Well, let's get started then...

Vacation at the beach (June)