Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Update

OK, I hope this is like riding a bicycle because it has really been a while! I will start with Tanner... He's 18! A senior in high school and also working at his freshman year in college! He is working at McDonald's for his first job and is having a blast. He's 6'1" right now but I'm thinking he still has a few inches to grow! He started wearing contacts for his senior year, so no more glasses!
Kayla is 12 now and in JR.High! She is in Colorguard, and plays soccer! She has gotten so tall too, she is 5'2". She likes to stand up by me to see if she is as tall as me yet! She will surpass me I.m sure! This past summer she had her hair straightened Permanently and loves it! She is very active in her young womens program at church, and just finished a service project for her personal progress! This past Sunday we had a Christmas recital and Kayla and some of her friends got a group together to sing and play instruments, they did great!
Erin is 10 and in the 4th grade. She is very outgoing and loves to smile and make everyone else smile too! Erin joined ballroom this year and is loving it! She loves to perform for people! She tried out for the school play and is waiting to see what part she will get. (They announce it this week) This past summer she also played softball for the first time and loved it, She was one of their best hitters! Erin is one of the bravest girls I know. For the Christmas recital she sang a song in front of everyone without even really planning on it! We asked a friend to play the piano for her and she just stood up and sang wonderfully!
Joseph turned 6 this year, and started kindergarten! He is all energy! He had stitches in his chin in July and was so brave didn't even cry! He is learning to read and loves it! Joseph has the best personality, he is so generous and caring. I think compassionate is a very good work for Joseph! He loves to play on the computer and on the Wii, but most of all he loves to play outside with his brothers and sisters and friends! Joseph played T-ball this past summer and really enjoyed it, but I think he really just liked being part of a team! He received a metal!
And Last but definitely not least is little Matthew! Matthew is 18 months old and as busy as can be! He has to be to make his mark in this family! He is our little red head, with rambunctious personality to match! He keeps me on my toes definitely! He loves to be with his brothers and sisters, and if they aren't giving him enough attention he grabs their legs and demands it! He was our BIG surprise, but has become our BIGGEST blessing too!

Terry and I are doing great. Terry is still working for Tahitian Noni (8yrs now) He is a corporate trainer. This past year he taught Seminary at AF High School. He loved that but it was just a one semester commitment. He is an adviser to the 14 an 15 year old young mens group at church and it keeps him pretty busy.
I am busy keeping up with all these guys!!! I have been helping with the 10-11 year old girls group at church. It has been so much fun. Volleyball season just finished and my team placed 2nd. Too bad I was sporting a broken ankle for the regional tournament! I love where we live, my neighbors are so great! I am surrounded by friends! We are so Blessed to be exactly where we are, right now!


grammy210 said...

Wow, you finally did it! This is great. I hope you can keep it up. I really appeciate it. Love to everyone, Mom and Grammy. PS Dad and Pepaw really liked the last pictures, too.

grammy210 said...

This says my comment has been saved, and I certainly hope so! I sure couldn't repeat it for the life of me. Great stuff. Love, Mom