Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

Joseph is obsessed with Star Wars, He got two light sabers because he had to have one to share!
Thanks Gammy Gibson For the Piggy bank with money and the cool Dinosaur outfit!
Thanks Grammy and Pepaw for the Cars! And Thanks Aunt Tiffani and Uncle Ed for the cars and the lizards and the coloring books. We love Kung Fu Panda.
He also got some army guy action figures and a really cool Batman!

And to top the day off right Joseph went to the potty for the first time tonight!!!Way to go Joseph!!!


Katie said...

Hey lady! I was just looking at your biggest loser blog and I have to say CONGRATULATIONS!! You look fantastic but even more important, you look super happy!! Good for you! I, too have lost 30 pounds since we last saw each other so I'm thinking shopping spree when you get back! :)

shrinkingme said...

YAY potty training!