Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We just got some news that I have not figured out if it is good or bad! The company that Terry works for is going to be doing a little adjusting; they will be closing the Atlanta (Southeast) Regional office by the end of this year. The reason this could potentially be good news is that they will be taking a few of their managers back to Utah to run the areas out if that office. This could mean relocation for us or the loss of a job for Terry. I am of course really hoping for the relocation for two reasons. 1. Because I love Utah and have missed it terribly for the past 4 years. 2. It also would mean that he still has a job in this horrible economy. We are just waiting now for the word or offer of what comes next! I really hate this waiting game! Terry asked me the other night if I would want to know the answer now even if it was the bad answer. I am really not sure; I guess I have never been much for the unknown! I know that last year sometime I told Terry that I felt like there was going to be a change for us soon! I have really been feeling the pull to go back to Utah for a while now. I t got a little stronger going out to visit. But after coming home this last time I REALLY missed it out there. I am torn a little in my knowledge that we should turn to the lord in all things. I have always had a testimony in prayer. I know that heavenly Father hears and answers them. So When I go now to say my prayers and ask the lord about this situation, I wonder if I am asking him to give me what I want or to do what is best for us, I am of course pretty sure they are one in the same, but what if they aren't? Do we just keep asking and keep that line of communication open and have hope for the best? Well, if you are reading this then you are friends of ours and so I ask that all of you keep our family in your prayers and in your hearts that this will work out (and that we can move back to Utah!!)!! Love you guys!

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