Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our First Month...

Our First month here has been fun. We love our house, and our neighborhood is fabulous. Tanner had to go back to Junior High because 9th grade is still in JR. High here! That was a big change for him, but he is OK with it. They have an amazing band so he is really excited! They had their Christmas concert and asked Tanner to be in it. He got to wear a tux, He looked so grown. They played very well.
All the kids started school and on Kayla's first day she was so excited, they made gingerbread houses! What a great first day at a new school! Erin stared loosing teeth, she lost 3 teeth in 4 days and then not even a week after the last one another came out, 4 teeth!!!

We had our first Utah snow! The kids loved it! The girls shoveled the driveway even thought there really wasn't enough to shovel. We are supposed to get a lot more in the next week before Christmas. We are very excited to have a white Christmas.

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